In this age of greater transparency, internal audit and risk management have become two indispensable functions for any listed or small- to medium-sized company.

We can help you identify, understand and manage potential risks to safeguard your business and comply with regulatory requirements.  

We have the technical expertise and tools to help you determine the effectiveness of your internal control environment and ensure your policies, procedures and control systems are in place to mitigate various potential risks.

Our expertise:

  • Internal audit services
  • Fraud risk assessment and control services
  • Enterprise risk management services
  • Corporate governance review services.
Mohamad Nasir Baharom
Executive Director - Corporate finance
Mohamad Nasir Baharom

Our Outsourcing Services in Internal Audit and Risk Management ensure that you receive the following key benefits:

  • assurance that all regulatory and legislative requirements with the relevant Malaysian authorities are adhered to
  • provision of specialist advice for greater transparency and corporate governance in your organisation
  • increased efficiency and cost effectiveness of the internal audit and risk management functions
  • safeguarding of your organisation's interest and shareholders' value
  • freeing up of crucial time for directors / senior management to focus their attention on more pertinent strategic and operational issues