The Grant Thornton audit approach.

We ensure that our clients will receive a high-quality audit of the consolidated financial statements from Grant Thornton.

Designing a tailored audit programme customised for your business, we will combine the collective skill and experience of more than 18,500 assurance professionals around the world to deliver an audit that is efficient and provides assurance to your key stakeholders. 

Our teams will bring both reason and instinct to the work we perform for our clients. It is this fundamental aspect of our culture which truly differentiates Grant Thornton.

Our audit process

We apply a five-step method that helps us to quickly understand your business and to deliver results at speed.

Step one: Planning

First, we'll work to understand your operations, internal controls and information systems. We'll then construct an audit timetable together that meets your requirements.

Step two: Risk assessment

Next, we will use the knowledge gained from planning to assess your financial reporting risks. We'll then customise our audit approach to focus on business-critical areas.

Step three: Evaluation of internal controls

Where possible we'll test your internal controls, and suggest improvements.

Step four: Audit testing

Our team will use technology and tools that includes a data interrogation software, to analyse your balances and transactions, and enhance your operations.

Step five: Conclusion and reporting

Lastly, we apply an additional check to ensure the accuracy of our work. We then turn the raw results into actionable insights, so you can rapidly drive improvements across your organisation.