With our extensive international network, we have the resources to help you address the full range of business challenges.

Our tax experts understand how domestic and overseas laws interact, working closely with you to provide clear and practical solutions that meet special commercial needs, and taking into account, practicality and efficiency. 

International tax

Companies facing the present challenging business environment will examine their tax strategies to be in line with their overall business strategy to gain competitive advantage. Our multidisciplinary team will be in a position to assist your group of companies to manage their international tax reporting obligations. 

With our extensive international network, we have the resources to help you address the full range of business challenges. Our tax specialists can assist with:

  • global restructuring
  • tax planning of inbound and outbound investments
  • reporting & risk management 

Tax due diligence 

As companies expand their business operations either through acquisitions, disposals, restructuring or initial public offering understand that every transaction has tax implications. A good understanding of these business issues and tax implications can minimise transactional risks and provide important negotiation insights.

The main objective of a tax due diligence for a purchaser is to determine any disclosed, undisclosed, realised or unrealised tax liabilities. Tax due diligence procedures will provide insight into the target’s tax position and an assessment of the related tax risks.

Our professionals have significant tax due diligence study experience on both the buy and sell side of transactions. Our team is uniquely placed to conduct tax due diligence for all sizes of M&A transactions across all sectors. Our work includes:

  • review of target’s historic tax profile
  • filing history
  • tax credit examination
  • evaluating significant tax attributes or incentives
  • advising on appropriate tax warranties and indemnities


Global mobility services

As organisations seek to make the most of international business opportunities, they send their greatest assets - their people - into new and challenging environments. In order to keep employees focused and motivated, employers seek to ensure that their remuneration packages remain competitive and that tax, social security and pension issues associated with the relocation are addressed without running up significant costs.

Tax legislation affecting expatriate assignments varies across the world. Tax advisers need a comprehensive network of specialists to cater for their clients with global reach. Tax specialists at Grant Thornton member firms work together on complex multi-jurisdictional issues to help employers to adopt a consistent and transparent approach to their expatriate assignments. This ensures that employees are treated fairly, are clear about the terms of their relocation package and tax obligations allowing them to focus on their international assignment.

Working with both companies and individuals, member firms ensure that the pitfalls associated with working abroad are avoided and that appropriate pre-assignment planning opportunities are implemented effectively to minimise the tax burden for both parties. We have global mobility expertise in over 130 countries across the Grant Thornton network. We are big enough to solve the most complex assignments, but small enough to serve you in the way you want. Nothing about what we do is ‘one size fits all’. Instead, our approach is to take the time to understand your needs and design a service that is right for you. 

We offer a wide range of services including:

  • assignment policy and tax equalisation/protection policy advisory
  • strategic assignment planning
  • budgeting and cost management
  • Malaysian tax compliance advisory services
  • co-ordination of global compliance and advisory services
  • review of incentive arrangements to optimise efficiencies