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Designed with our clients in mind, our audit and assurance services focus on critical areas and risks that matter most to your business. The ability to manage risks, resources and information remains an integral part of a successful business. 


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17 Aug 2020

Grant Thornton Launches ASEAN Focus Services for Retail Industry

The retail industry was severely impacted during the global outbreak of COVID-19 and is currently facing significant market, financial, people and operational challenges. The pandemic has impacted parts of the industry in different ways. The grocery sector struggled with supply chain issues, consumer goods and apparel businesses have been challenged by store closures and rapid growth of online sales.

13 Jul 2020

Malaysian Businesses Geared Up for Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic, subsequent lockdown and resulting economic shock have tested businesses in Malaysia in an entirely unprecedented way, and their impact is likely to be felt for years to come. But, against this backdrop, IBR data finds Malaysian businesses to be relatively upbeat

27 Apr 2020

Mitigating MCO Effects on Unemployment and Poverty

Businesses effected by the MCO will take at least one year to recover. Even with help from the Government such as subsidies from the Economic Stimulus Packages, deferring of EPF payments, six-month moratorium on loan repayments, it is unfortunately still not enough for businesses to survive. What businesses need is income.


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