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Bursa Malaysia Grants One Month Extension of Time for Listed Issuers with FYE on 31 Marc.....

Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (“Bursa Malaysia”) is granting an extension of time of one month to listed issuers with financial year ending (“FYE“) on 31 March 2020 (“said Listed Issuers) to issue their annual reports that include the annual audited financial statements and the auditors’ and directors’ reports (“AR”), which are due by 31 July 2020 under the Main Listing Requirements (“Main LR”) after considering that the said Listed Issuers may not have adequate time to prepare their AR which contains both financial and non-financial information. As such, the said Listed Issuer shall issue their AR by 31 August 2020 instead of 31 July 2020.

However, Bursa Malaysia reminds the said Listed Issuers of the following:

  • The said listed Issuer must continue to comply with the continuing disclosure obligations under the Main LR, including the obligation to make immediate announcement of any material information under paragraph 9.03; and
  • If the preparation of the AR is not adversely affected by the MCO and COVID-19 pandemic, and the said Listed Issuer is able to issue its AR within the prescribed timeline under the Main LR, it must continue to do so without any undue delay.


The circulars can be accessed from the links below: