Insights into MFRS 8

Disclosures for annual financial statements

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Segmental information is a way of increasing transparency in financial statements prepared for investors and creditors, especially for areas of the business that are significant and drive the entity’s overall business strategy.

MFRS 8 ‘Operating Segments’ requires this information that is provided to management to be disclosed in the annual financial statements, so that investors and other users of entities’ financial statements can review an entity’s operations from the same perspective.

Our ‘Insights into MFRS 8’ series is designed to illustrate how MFRS 8 should be applied and it provides guidance and insight in some problematic areas. We also include several examples illustrating the Standard’s requirements. This article sets out example disclosures of segment information.

Included in this article are illustrative disclosures under MFRS 8 for a fictional entity Illustrative Corporation Ltd and its subsidiaries (‘the Group’) – a fictional consulting, service and retail entity that has been preparing MFRS consolidated financial statements for several years.

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