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Designed with our clients in mind, our audit and assurance services focus on critical areas and risks that matter most to your business. The ability to manage risks, resources and information remains an integral part of a successful business. 


At Grant Thornton, tax is a key part of our organisation and our tax teams can offer you a range of solutions.


As your business grows, our advisory services are designed to help you achieve your goals. Successful growth often means navigating a complex array of opportunities, challenges and risks.

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27 Aug 2018

Grant Thornton expands in Johor Bahru

Grant Thornton Malaysia strengthens its presence in the Southern region with the merger of its operations in Johor Bahru with M.S. Wong & Co. The new establishment will be known as Grant Thornton MSW, effective 1st September 2018.

18 Jul 2018

Business optimism in Malaysia rises sharply

Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) reveals that the business optimism in Malaysia has leapt 24pp to net 52% at the end of Q2 2018, as compared to 28% in Q1. This near doubling in business optimism is the highest recorded among ASEAN countries.

12 Jul 2018

Grant Thornton Malaysia in new EXCO appointed by MOF to operate SSER

The Finance Ministry Has Appointed A New Chairman And An Executive Committee (EXCO) Led By An Accounting Firm, Grant Thornton Malaysia To Operate SSER

14th Nov
Kuala Lumpur
15th Nov
Johor Bahru
16th Nov

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